KUALA LUMPUR, 17 SEPTEMBER 2021 - The UCSI Poll Research Centre recently released the results of a poll on the topic, Social Harmony 2021. The poll was conducted among 971 Malaysians, and the margin of sampling error for this sample size was +/- 3%. 

The respondents were asked about the perception of understanding and unity among races in Malaysia which resulted in 19.9% of the respondents feel excellent, 28.8% of the respondents feel good, 42.6% of the respondents feel fair, and 8.7% of the respondents feel poor.

The respondents were also asked whether they have friends from other races. The result showed 19.9% of the respondents have more than half of their friends from other races whereas 41.5% of the respondents have some (between 11 – 50%), 37.0% of the respondents have a few (between 1 – 10%), and 1.6% of the respondents do not have a friend from other races.

Additionally, the respondents with friends from other races were further asked on which was the main platform used to get acquainted. The highest selected platform is school/ college/ university (51.4%), followed by workplace (28.0%), event and social activities (9.1%), sports activities (7.2%), and neighborhood (4.3%).

The survey continues by asking respondents to choose the methods they think can improve the relationship between different races. The table below contains the answers to the questions asked.

Moreover, the respondents were asked about the possible reasons that create a gap between races and the answers are also shown in a table below.

CEO of UCSI Poll Research Centre, Associate Professor Dr Pek Chuen Khee said Malaysia is a diverse country with unique characteristics of multi-ethnicity, and we embrace each other's culture.

“The poll result shows that 98.4% of the respondents have friends from other races and they often meet friends from different backgrounds through schools, colleges, universities and workplaces.

“Education in Malaysia has played an important role in fostering social harmony because it has created a platform for us to comprehend better and understand each other.

“Social harmony is strongly propagated by Tan Sri Omar Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Centre at UCSI University and the poll results augur well with its objectives”, he said.

The Prime Minister introduced the concept of Keluarga Malaysia, embraced the unity of different races, religions and political beliefs, and liberated Malaysia from the Covid-19 pandemic. We can observe that unity has been widely practised by Malaysians and is reflected in our daily social activities. People believed that social harmony can be further enhanced by having to be open-minded towards other races and not be politically influenced.

The public is ready for Keluarga Malaysia, but are the political leaders ready?




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