SOP 3W 3C - Wash Hand
SOP 3W 3C - Wash Hand


KUALA LUMPUR, 3 NOVEMBER 2020 – A recent survey conducted by UCSI Poll Research Centre involving 1,166 respondents has indicated a high outdoor movement although the public are practicing 3Ws (Wear, Wash, Warn) and avoiding the 3Cs (Crowded Places, Confined Places, Close Conversations) concept introduced by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19.

According to the centre, for those who follows the 3Ws concept, 98.3 per cent wore their face masks, 95.2 per cent washed and sanitised their hands and 90.3% complied with the advice from the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, 1.7 per cent of the respondents never and rarely wear their face masks while 4.8% never or rarely wash or sanitise their hands. Additionally, 9.7% acknowledged that they never or rarely follow the orders (physical distancing, disinfection, avoid coughing or sneezing in public areas, stay at home, seek medical help if unhealthy).

In regards to the 3Cs, 13.4 per cent of the respondents never and rarely avoid going to crowded places while 86.6 per cent frequently and repeatedly avoid going to crowded places. Meanwhile, 17.5 per cent never and rarely avoid going to confined spaces while 82.5 per cent of the respondents frequently and repeatedly avoid going to confined places. In the meantime, 20 per cent of the respondents never and rarely avoid having close conversations while 80 per cent of them occasionally and repeatedly avoid having close conversations.

The centre also highlighted that most of the respondents agreed to reduce their visits to high-risk areas, especially open markets (66.8%), leisure venues (64.3%), restaurants or eateries (58.4%), grocery stores (53%), sports centres (46.7%) and services (43.3%).

In the same survey, 67.7 per cent of the respondents stated that they complied with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for their families while 64.8 per cent said they did so for themselves.

This finding shows positive results in which the respondents prioritised their own and their family’s health rather than the punishment by the government for not complying with the SOPs in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

“Meanwhile, 57.5 per cent stated that it is their responsibility to flatten the curve. Another 40 per cent chose to comply with the SOPs due to the penalty imposed by the government.

UCSI Poll Research Centre also added that the respondents agreed that the lack of self-discipline among Malaysians in complying with the SOPs has contributed to the rising number of cases since the last few weeks which has reached four digits.

According to the centre’s findings, there is a lack of self-discipline among Malaysians in complying with the SOPs (60.8%), interstate travel (45.7%), the lack of enforcement of SOPs during the RMCO period (40.5%), the entry of illegal immigrants (38.7%), the lack of strong SOPs in handling suspected or to-be-confirmed patients (31.6%) and the slack among business operators in monitoring their staff health conditions (15.2%).

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