Herd Immunity_COVID19
Herd Immunity_COVID19


KUALA LUMPUR, 19 APRIL 2021 – The UCSI Poll Research Centre recently conducted a survey to understand the public’s acceptance and registration for the COVID-19 vaccination. This survey was conducted with 1,136 respondents, and the margin of error of the survey was +-3%.

The results indicated that 57.5% of the respondents have registered for the COVID-19 vaccination. Another 39% of the respondents have yet to register, while the remaining 3.5% falls under the not recommended for vaccination category (severe allergies, allergic to the vaccine, pregnant, breastfeeding).

The findings were further analysed based on the educational level of the respondents. The results show that respondents with higher education level have a higher registration percentage for the COVID-19 vaccination.

The respondents were then asked how likely they will exercise their rights as a voter if the General Election (GE) is held before achieving herd immunity. The results showed that 45.3% of the respondents chose ‘Likely’, 24.6% of the respondents chose ‘Not Sure’, and the remaining 30.0% chose ‘Unlikely’.

With the scenario of after achieving the herd immunity, the likeliness of respondents exercising their rights as a voter in the general election showed an increasing trend. The results showed that 63.5% of the respondents chose ‘Likely’, 23.7% of the respondents chose ‘Not Sure’, and 12.9% chose ‘Unlikely’.

In conclusion, the public’s education level plays a significant role in the COVID-19 vaccination registration. This is due to the ability in acquiring information and understanding the benefits and risks of the vaccine. Additionally, the government should also consider enhancing the education on the importance and confidence of the vaccine available in Malaysia to improve the COVID-19 vaccination registration rate.

Meanwhile, the policymakers should consider the public’s concern since having a general election before achieving herd immunity may influence the voting rate.

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