KUALA LUMPUR, 1 July 2022: The UCSI Poll Research Centre recently released a poll result on the financial hardship in Malaysia. The poll was conducted among 1178 citizens in Malaysia.

Among the respondents, 84% agreed that Malaysia is facing inflation now. Out of this 84%, 71% said that their current salary was not sufficient to handle inflation. To a question on their financial situation in the next 3 or 6 months, only 16% felt that they will get better, and 45% felt that they will get worse, and 39% felt it will remain the same.

The respondents’ experience on price increases in the past two months. 

Worldwide, many countries are facing inflation now because a huge rise-up of pent-up consumer demand after the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukraine war. The survey shows that the majority of the respondents are experiencing the price increase of the “need” and “want” goods and products. Malaysia government is trying to help those in the B40 cope with an additional RM100 per household, and extra RM50 for single household. But with a lack of confidence in the financial situation in the next 3 or 6 months, can it help Malaysians to overcome the financial hardship?

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