CMCO Road Block
CMCO Road Block


KUALA LUMPUR, 20 October 2020 – The UCSI Poll Research Centre recently did a survey on the implementation of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) involving 503 respondents across Malaysia.

Its director, Associate Professor Dr Pek Chuen Khee said that the latest survey found out that 72.8 percent out of 503 respondents agreed that the CMCO needs to be implemented across the country to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

“Majority (74.9%) of the respondents who agreed with the implementation of CMCO believed that the restriction of movements can help to break the chain of COVID-19. Meanwhile, 44.8% of the public also opine that the spread of COVID-19 is too rampant and CMCO is needed to stop it.

“Another reason by the respondents include that the implementation of CMCO is based on the advice of the Director-General of Health Malaysia (39.3%),” he highlighted.

Dr Pek also mentioned that the results from the survey regarding the trust of the public towards the government is worrying.

“In our survey, we found out that only a small number of respondents (27.6%) believed in the government’s decision. It is worrying when the public does not have high confidence in the government.

“The policymakers need to be proactive in taking the needed measures to gain back the trust of the public in this effort to fight COVID-19 across the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, for the 27.2 percent of the respondents who were against the implementation of CMCO, they were asked a few related questions as well as questions about the implementation of CMCO in certain areas only.

“We found out that almost half of the respondents (59.1%) who were against the implementation of CMCO agreed that the spread of COVID-19 happened in certain localities and only affected areas need to be put under CMCO.

“Another reason from the public was that the relaxation of restrictions by the government has resulted in the CMCO implementation going wrong (39.4%).

“Meanwhile, 36.5 percent of the respondents agreed that only educational institutions and places where physical distancing are hard to control should be closed. Another 33.6 percent of them are still unsure about how the CMCO can be implemented if all economic activities are allowed,” he said.



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