During the COVID-19 pandemic, Malaysia has made it mandatory that everyone wears a face mask when in public. Recently the Ministry of Health has announced that wearing face masks is not mandatory in almost all sectors, except for public transportation and health care facilities. UCSI Poll Research Centre recently conducted poll research among Malaysians regarding the announcement. The poll was conducted among 1,003 adults in Malaysia. The respondents were asked on their awareness of the announcement made.

The findings shows that 75% of the respondents are aware of the announcement made by the health minister.


The poll showed that 71% of the respondents are still wearing face masks when in public places even though the health ministry has announced that wearing masks is not mandatory.

As for the reasons of why respondents are still wearing face masks when in public places, 80% still wear face masks as a precaution, 62% feel safe with masks on, 41% feel that vaccine does not give them full protection.

**Respondents can choose more than one

Asked about their opinion on the face mask ruling, 45% agree that the ruling is appropriate as Malaysia is already in endemic phase, while 31% are with the opinion that it is still too early to do away with the masks.

In terms of safety, 63% of the respondents do not feel safe when people around them do not wear face masks.

Only 45% of the participants in the poll agrees that the new ruling on face mask wearing is appropriate. Many continue wearing face mask when in public places as a precautionary measure. About two-thirds of the respondents do not feel safe when others around them are not wearing face masks.

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