KUALA LUMPUR, 11 NOVEMBER 2020 - A recent survey conducted by UCSI Poll Research Centre indicated that most respondents chose for the government to allow withdrawal from account 1 of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

Respondents who joined this survey were aged between 26 – 55 years’ old living in urban, semi-urban as well as rural areas.

In the survey involving 1,143 respondents, 71 per cent (812 respondents) of them chose ‘Yes’ and another 29 per cent (331 respondents) chose ‘No’.

From the 812 respondents who chose ‘Yes’, 66.4 per cent wanted the permission to withdraw be given to all contributors while the rest chose that permission be given to laid-off workers and pay-cut workers (23.2 per cent) and laid-off workers only (10.5%).

The results showed that the majority of the respondents from rural areas with household income less than RM4,849 (B40) agreed that the government should allow the withdrawal from EPF account 1.

90.8 per cent of the respondents from the rural areas and 81.1 per cent with a household income less than RM4,849 (B40) said ‘Yes’.

Meanwhile, 71 per cent of the respondents from semi-rural areas and 67 per cent from the urban area chose ‘Yes’ while the rest chose ‘No’.

As for the household income, 59.1 per cent of the respondents with a household income of RM4,850 to RM10,959 (M40) and 54.9 per cent with a household income more than RM10,960 (T20) chose ‘Yes’.

UCSI Poll Research Centre said that the proposal of the new policy from the government under Malaysia Budget 2021 which allowed withdrawal from EPF account 1 should be further refined by considering the categories in need. These categories are based on people from rural areas, necessities and household income.

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