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KUALA LUMPUR, 28 December 2020 A survey by UCSI Poll Research Centre indicated that the public’s confidence level towards the government in managing the Covid-19 issues showed some fluctuations (V-shape). The survey was conducted six times, starting from 10 October until 21 December 2020.

Every survey was conducted involving different respondents using a scale of 1 (Not confident at all) to 10 (Extremely confident).

The survey conducted on 20 November to 23 November involving a total of 1,036 respondents recorded the lowest drop in the public’s confidence level with a scale of 5.95.

The confidence then increased again in the last two surveys conducted with 1,007 respondents on 5 December to 8 December (a scale of 6.24) and increased slightly to a scale of 6.32 in the survey conducted with 1,289 respondents on 16 December to 21 December.

Meanwhile, the previous three surveys showed a drop in the public’s confidence level from the scale of 6.95 (10 October to 12 October), to the scale of 6.58 (25 October – 26 October) before dropping to a scale of 6.40 (6 November – 8 November).

The drop in the public’s confidence level recorded on 10 October to 23 November may be affected by the increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases, as well as an unclear or inconsistent policy.

The news about the Covid-19 vaccine may be one of the reasons to increase the publics’ confidence towards the government.

Additionally, the government may consider the publics’ confidence level when reviewing the Covid-19 related policy since the role of combating the pandemic requires cooperation and unity from the whole nation.

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