KUALA LUMPUR, 13 August 2021 - The UCSI Poll Research Centre recently released a poll result on the Preference of Government Formation. The poll was conducted among 1,053 Malaysians, and the margin of sampling error for this sample size was +/- 3%. 

The respondents were asked on their views if Malaysia requires a new government. The results showed that 69.9% of the respondents chose “YES”, while 30.1% of the respondents chose “NO”.

The respondents who chose “YES” were further asked on the coalition they will support if there is a government reformation. The results showed that 66.3% of the respondents will support a new coalition, and 33.7% of the respondents will support the previous government of Pakatan Harapan. Their expectations of the new government are as follows:

While the respondents who chose “NO” were further asked on their views if the current government will continue to rule despite being a minority government, 79.1% of the respondents said “YES” and 20.9% of the respondents said “NO”. The main reasons for their choices are as follows:

The poll results shows that the public is hoping for a new government to form a new coalition. The political unrest in Malaysia has fatigued the public emotionally, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic with spiking daily cases reported.

Interestingly, both groups of respondents that shared their views if Malaysia requires a new government, shared a common idea that is, Malaysia should focus on battling COVID-19. The public is concerned about the health care system and economic recovery which is directly impacting them especially in this challenging time. The instability of politics creates uncertainties on the policies, and a question mark is raised if the public welfare is being prioritised.

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