October 31, 2019, Asst.Prof.Dr.Noppadon Kannika, CEO of UCSI Poll Research Centre, releases the centre’s poll results on Malaysia Politics. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were conducted between October 20 – 30, 2019. The survey’s sample size was 846 people including 428 males and 418 females. The target population was general people living in Kuala Lumpur.

When asked respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the idea that our present foreign policy should base on our specific economic interest, the results show that 85.0% agreed, but 15.0% disagreed. When asked the respondents’ opinion on the foreign policy that should base on international power interests in the world, the results show that 90.5% agreed, but 9.5% disagreed.
However, 45.4% were satisfied and strongly satisfied with the government’s performance, but 39.4% neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and 15.2% were dissatisfied and strongly dissatisfied. When asked
respondents if they were satisfied with the country’s politics, the results show that 39.5% were satisfied and strongly satisfied, but 42.7% neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and 17.8% were dissatisfied and strongly dissatisfied.

Interestingly, when asked respondents that “if you can, do you want to work in a political campaign?”, the results show that 50.8% said no, 38.9% said not sure, but 10.3% said yes.

The CEO of UCSI Poll says that politics is one of important factors affecting the country’s home security and prosperity. This survey shows that less than 50% approved the government performance, but 45.4% of total respondents who were satisfied and strongly satisfied with the government performance represents the biggest number of the total. In addition, after analysing data, it was found that the majority of total respondents had positive political attitude toward the country’s foreign policies of both economic and power interests that politicians should keep working well on the two.

Research Methodology and Design in this poll:
- Survey Methodology was applied.
- Mixed mode of data collection including face-to-face interview and self-administered data collection was conducted.
- Two-stage sampling was used to select representative sampled respondents.
- Design Effect (DEFF) is 1.45 due to a designed sampling method rather than one-stage sampling.
- 846 respondents were analysed.
- 95% Confidence Interval and margin of error at +/- 3.59% determined by the sample size in this poll.

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